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Otherwise theoretically

Jeesus ja temppeli: Viisi näkökulmaa Raamatun tekstiin (eds. Tom Holmén & Petri Merenlahti; Helsinki: Helsinki University Press, 2002). 157 pages. [in Finnish; lit. Jesus and the Temple: Five viewpoints to a Biblical story.]

– Exemplifies five different approaches to the story about the adult Jesus in the temple (Mark 11:15-17): form critical, authenticity criteria, literature theory, rhetorical criticism, and reception criticism.

Tiede ja maailmantulkinta: Kaksitoista selvitettyä tapausta (eds. Tom Holmén & Iiro Vilja; Helsinki: Art House, 2006). 365 pages. [in Finnish; lit. Science and the Interpretation of the World: Twelve Closed Cases.]

– 12 Finnish scientists and scholars from widely diverse areas write about their disciplines and analyze the relation between research and worldview.

Ihminen ja maailmanhallinta: Kaksitoista avointa tapausta (eds. Tom Holmén & Iiro Vilja; Helsinki: Art House, 2009). 291 pages. [in Finnish; lit. Man and Command of the World: Twelve Open Cases.]

– 12 Finnish scientist,  scholars and professionals from widely diverse areas reflect on human possibilities to control.

“A Metalanguage for the Historical Jesus Methods: An Experiment”, The Handbook for the Study of the Historical Jesus (4 vols.; eds. Tom Holmén & Stanley E. Porter; Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, 2011), pp. 589–616.

– A metamethod for the historical Jesus aspiring to address the issue all-inclusively.

“Hermeneutics of Dissimilarity in the Early Judaism – Jesus – Early Christianity Continuum”, Jesus in Continuum (ed. Tom Holmén; Tübingen: Mohr, 2012), pp. 1–42.

– About the continuum approach but equally about the queer hermeneutics of dissimilarity.