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The Vienna sessions

Especially the Vienna sessions were all very successful and popular. The concluding session gathered the auditorium full of people; as a matter of fact, a very substantial part of all conference attendees! The program of the three sessions that were held:

First Session:
What Got Jesus into Trouble?
Darrell Bock

The Romans and “Enemies”: Reflections on Jesus’ Genius in Light of Early Jewish Thought
James Charlesworth

Sectarianism, Secrecy and Salvation: Relational Features between Jesus, the Disciples and the Outsiders
André Gagné

The Hospitality–Inhospitality Dichotomy in Continuum
Mary Marshall

Second Session:
Jesus as God’s Eschatological Creator of Change: Memories and Stories of Healing and Exorcism in Context
Michael Labahn

Jesus and Resurrection
Stanley E. Porter

Jesus and Hell
Heikki Räisänen

Jesus and the Sabbath
Christopher Tuckett

Third Session:
Jesus in Utopian Context
Mary Ann Beavis

Jesus’ Parables as Agrarian Discourse
John Kloppenborg
(the lecture was unfortunately canceled)

Continuity and Discontinuity between Judaism and Early Christianity and the Historical Jesus
Gerd Theissen

Tora and Temple: Jewish-Christian Trajectories
Markus Tiwald