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Regarding the output

The project was conducted in the aftermath of the “Bundesschweigen” period of 1970s and 1980s (mainly German, though). Resulting from the work of scholars such as Kutsch, berit was interpreted as unilateral, as God’s dictation of obligations — commands — that people were responsible to observe. Bilateral aspects, mutuality, were rejected. Human being could not make God responsible in the same way, was one of the arguments, I remember. The problem was conveniently solved in an article written by J. Ratzinger where he introduced the concept “asymmetric” to describe the relationship and mutual obligations that existed between God and his people. It really is difficult sometimes to think out of the box.

The project resulted in a monograph study and a couple of articles. The modern dialogue was taken into account mainly in lectures held in Finnish and Swedish. I still have a few things cooking on the subject, although nothing trendy, and maybe some day I will let the cat out of the box.

An output of the project were certainly also its several “spin-offs”, some of which are presented on this site.