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Jesus in Continuum denotes a new, comprehensive perspective to the so-called historical Jesus and to the historical, religious, social and political phenomena that were part of Jesus’ life or that related to it closely preceding or following it. Reckoning with aspects of both continuity and discontinuity, the continuum perspective seeks to integrate Jesus’ Jewish context, his mission and message, and the early Christian reception history of Jesus into one account. The aim herewith is twofold:

– A proper orientation towards both early Judaism
and early Christianity in order to arrive at a
better and more comprehensive picture
of the historical figure of Jesus.

– A proper orientation towards Jesus’
mission and message in order to arrive at a
better and more comprehensive understanding
of the early Judaism–early Christianity continuum

The purpose of the Jesus in Continuum -project is to develop the continuum perspective on three different areas:

— theoretical and methodological groundwork
– concrete research work applying the continuum perspective
– international awareness of the perspective, its applications and results