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Nordic symposia

This is about a group of Åbo Akademi scholars active in historical Jesus research. The group has been known as the Åbo Akademi Historical Jesus Workshop. At the start of year 2015 the group’s name changed from “Workshop” to “Research group”. Thus, HJW is now HJR. I will so far preserve the old links on this site. Here is the institutional web page of the group.

In 2010, I summoned a group of Nordic scholars to Turku, Finland, to join a symposium on the historical Jesus. The symposium was arranged by the Åbo Akademi Historical Jesus Workshop (HJW) and hosted by the Åbo Akademi Faculty of Theology. The Åbo Symposium on Jesus was continued two years later in Lund, Sweden. The proceedings of the first Nordic Jesus symposium, originated by the HJW, are published in The Identity of Jesus: Nordic Voices (eds. S. Byrskog, T. Holmén & M. Kankaanniemi; Tübingen: Mohr, 2014). In his review of The Identity of Jesus, Eckart Schmidt writes: “This volume is a fine and insightful collection of contributions on various aspects of Jesus’ identity.” For the whole review, see here.

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