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Some recensions

– Jesus in Continuum (ed. Tom Holmén; WUNT, Reihe A; Tübingen: Mohr, 2012), xxvi + 492 pages.

Jesus in ContinuumSee the Table of Contents

– Sarah E. Rollens states in her recension so:

“There are many thoughtprovoking essays here that challenge us to rethink how we have assessed data for the historical Jesus. Holmén’s volume has made a determined and welcomed effort to push the conversation forward, and it is a must-read for students of the historical Jesus.”

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– Heinz Giesen says that the Continuum approach is “ervolgversprechend”, promising success.

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– Christoph Stenschke writes so (from German):

“In many places the contributions offer new insights and take us beyond the often constructed trench between Jesus and early Christianity. Despite the necessity of further methodological reflection and study, it is clear that compelling and promising queries and perspectives open up here, such that could bring new life into some old complexes of questions.”

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