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Seminars discussing the continuum perspective have been arranged at three conferences: the EABS 2005 Dresden, EABS 2006 Budapest, and EABS/SBL 2007 Vienna meetings. The Dresden and Budapest seminars consisted of two sessions with several papers presented in each. In Vienna, there were three sessions.

The commencing Dresden 2005 seminar started from scratch and examined some possible contours of a continuum approach to the historical Jesus. In Budapest 2006, the seminar’s attention was centered on the Jesus—early Christianity dimension. The third seminar held at the joint EABS/SBL International Vienna 2007 conference sought to view the full continuum from early Judaism to early Christianity.

Jesus in Continuum
EABS 2005, August 7. – 10., Dresden, Germany

Jesus in Continuum: Jesus Meets Christianity
EABS 2006, August 6. – 9., Budapest/Piliscsaba, Hungary

Jesus in Continuum: Jesus from Judaism to Christianity
EABS / SBL International 2007, July, 22. – 26., Vienna, Austria